Victor Pasmore, photographed by Ida Kar, 1954
Maggi Hambling photographed by Juergen Teller for ES Magazine
Maggi Hambling, photographed by Douglas Atfield
Two figures face the Manhattan skyline across the Hudson River. One of Davina Semo's bells is installed on the path along the waterfront, hanging from an armature that allows people to get close and ring it.
Matelli, 533 (cover), 2020
An artist's hand working on a pastel drawing, viewed from over the left shoulder
Spherical sculptures by Lars Fisk. In the foreground, a tiny home with a raggedy bunch of tools tacked on the side.
Mcginley, el camino, 2020, c print, edition of 3, 27 x 40 in., 68.6 x 101.6 cm
Mcginley, pretty free (yearbook series). marlborough, london installation view 51 luke walker
Minter, no luck in the plowshares (view 2), 2008, antique plow parts, horseshoes, chains, metal seat frame, and found metal, 47 × 49 × 43 in., 119.3 × 124.4 × 109.2 cm pierre le hors
Kuo, same (11 4 14) (view 2) edit, 2014, acrylic and carbon transfer on linen, 75 x 100 in. 190.5 x 254 cm cnon 56.043 photo credit bill orcutt
a gay couple kisses on top of a rusty car in the middle of the forest
an amalgamation of found objects
Screen shot 2020 04 20 at 17.53.11
a buddha sculpture made of stone