Avigdor Arikha painted and drew rigorously observed portraits, nudes and still lifes. A fine printmaker, his etchings and lithographs are equally incisive. His portraits range from the informal studies of friends to commissioned portraits of public figures including the Queen Mother. He has written extensively on art and art theory, with books on Ingres and Poussin and a film on Velazquez. Arikha died 29 April 2010.  Exhibits with Marlborough from 1972.


1929 Born in Bukovina, Romania
1944 Arrives in Israel
1946 Studies art at the Bezalel School of Jerusalem
1949 Arrives in Paris, studies at Ecole des Beaux-Arts
1978 Chevalier, Ordre des Art et Lettres, Paris
1987 Grand Prix des Arts de la Ville de Paris, Paris
1989 Prix des Arts des Lettres et des Sciences, Fondation du Judaisme francais, Paris
1995 Honorary Professor, National Academy of Fine Arts of China, Hangchow
1997 Honorary Doctorate, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem
2004 - 2010 Lived and worked mostly in Paris, partly in Jerusalem


Solo Exhibitions
1953 JERUSALEM, The National Museum Bezalel, Paintings, Drawings, Woodcuts , 5-22 September1953,
1960 AMSTERDAM, Stedelijk Museum, Paintings, Gouaches, Watercolors,October-November1960.
1966 JERUSALEM, Israel Museum, Paintings 1963-66 and Drawings 1947-1966, September-October1966
1970 PARIS, Centre National d'Art Contemporain, Drawings 1965-70, Dessins 1965-1970, 8 December 1970 -18 January 1971
1972 LOS ANGELES, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Drawings 1965-72, ART, 39 Ink- drawings April 25 - May 28,1972 (extended to July 31)
1973 SYRACUSE, NY, Everson Museum, February 1973, 'Ink- drawings 1965-1972'
FORT WORTH, Texas, Fort Worth Art Center Museum, April- May 1973, 'Ink-drawings 1965-1972'
TEL AVIV, The Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Paintings:1957-1965 and 1968 (retrospective of the abstract period)
1974-79 PARIS, Centre National d'Art Contemporain - Musée national d'art modene,Centre Georges Pompidou, circulating exhibition of prints, in thirty one Institutions, among which:. BOULOGNE-SUR-MER, Musée des Beaux-Arts et d'Archeologie; LE MANS, Musée Tessé; SAUMUR Bibliothèque Municipale; CHAMONIX, Bibliothèque Municipale; BASTIA, Musée d'Ethnographie Corse; CASTRES, Musée Goya; LYON, Espace Lyonnais d'Art Contemporain; GRENOBLE, Bibliothèque Municipale;etc.
1975 PARIS, Cabinet des Estampes, Bibliothèque Nationale, Prints.
1976 LONDON, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 11 February.- 23 May 1976, Samuel Beckett by Avigdor Arikha
EDINBURGH, New 57 Gallery, 14 August.- 9 September1978, Paintings Drawings Watercolors.
1979 WASHINGTON, The Corcoran Gallery of Art, 15 June - 26 August 1979, Twenty Two Paintings 1974-78.
1981 DIJON, Musée des Beaux-Arts, 29 March-28 June 1981
1986 TEL AVIV, Tel Aviv University Gallery, January - February 1986, Prints 1950-1985
1998 JERUSALEM, Israel Museum, 20 November 1998 - 20 February 1999, Retrospective exhibition, 'Avigdor Arikha Selected Paintings 1953-1997'
TEL AVIV, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 19 November 1998 - 20 February 1999, Retrospective exhibition, 'Drawings'
1999 EDNBURGH, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, 13 March - 9 May 1999, Retrospective exhibition
LILLE, Palais des Beaux-Arts, Paris sur le vif, drawings, 11 June - 13 September
MADRID, Galeria Marlborough, Pinturas, pasteles, dibujos, 1969-1999, 26 October - 27 November
2000 LONDON, Marlborough Fine Art, Paintings, pastels and drawings 1999-2000, 27 September - 28 November
2002 NEW YORK, Marlborough Gallery, Recent Work: oils, pastels, drawings, 12 September - 5 October
2004 LONDON, Marlborough Graphics, 23 June - 24 July 2004
PARIS, FIAC, Marlborough Stand, 20-24 October
2006 LONDON, Marlborough Fine Art, Avigdor Arikha, Recent Work, 7 June - 15 July
LONDON, The British Museum, Avigdor Arikha, Frm Life, Drawings and Prints 1965-2005, 29 June 2006 -7 January 2007
2007 NEW YORK, Marlborough Gallery, Avigdor Arikha, Twenty-Five Pastels 1983-2007, 1 November - 8 December
2008 MADRID, Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Arikha, 10 June - 7 September
2010 TEL AVIV, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Avigdor Arikha: Self-Portraits, 4 September - 27 December

2011 LONDON, Marlborough Fine Art, Works from the Estate, 30 March - 7 May

2012 NEW YORK, Marlborough Gallery, Avigdor Arikha Works from the Estate, 20 March - 21 April

2012 NIMES, Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Avigdor Arikha Oeuvres sur Papier, 10 July - 31 August

2013 LONDON, Marlborough Fine Art, Avigdor Arikha Works from 1966-2010, 9 October - 2 November


Public Collections
Amsterdam, Stedelijk Museum (Espace, 1960, oil; drawing, 1960; prints 1959)
Boston, Museum of Fine Arts (Haute rouge, 1961, oil)
Denver, Colorado, Denver Art Museum (Studio corner wall, 1976, oil)
Dijon, Musée des Beaux-Arts (Nude with black scarf, 1985, oil)
Edinburgh, Scottish National Portrait Gallery (Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, 1983, oil; Lord Home, 1988, oil; Moira Shearer and Ludovic Kennedy, 1993, oil)
Edinburgh, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art (18 original etchings and lithographs; Leon Wieseltier, 1992, oil.))
Florence, Galleria degli Uffizi (Self-portrait, 1997, oil)
Hiller d, Det Nationalhistoriske Museum på Frederiksborg (Herbert Pundik, 1997, oil)
Houston, Museum of Fine Arts (Self-portrait, 1978, drawing)
Jerusalem, Israel Museum (oils: Les Porteurs de Signes, 1955-56; Antagonisme latent, 1957; Noire Basse, 1959; Formes II, 1965; Canvas with Self-Portrait, 1976; A Bulb, 1976; Katef Hinom, 1980; Going out, 1981; Etching Tools 1992; a number of early oils, drawings and prints)
Lille, Palais des Beaux-Arts, Portrait of Pierre Mauroy, 2000, oil; deposited at the Mairie. Four Fingers, 2000, pastel.
Little Rock, Arkansas Arts Center (Standing nude with shirt, 1984, drawing)
London, Tate Gallery (Tubes of paint, 1984, pastel; Jerusalem seen from the South, 1980, oil; and a number of etchings and lithographs)
London, National Portrait Gallery (Samuel Beckett, 1971, drawing; David Sylvester, 1973, aquatint)
London, British Museum (Self-portrait seated in Foreshortening, sugar-lift aquatint, 1972; Self-portrait Shouting one Morning, ink drawing, 1969; Fruit, aquatint, 1976; Self-portrait in Foreshortening from bellow, aquatint, 1973; Bent Torso from the Rear, aquatint, 1972; Apples and Pears, aquatint, 1973; Shoes and socks, aquatint, 1973; Samuel Beckett, Au Loin un Oiseau, Five aquatints, 1973 ) Drawings donation: Anne, ink, 1965. Studies of a dog silver-point,(Gur II), 1966. Place de la Concorde, ink 1969. Anne pregnant, silver-point, 1969. Champrond, ink, 1969. Horace Gregory, silver-point, 1969. Samuel Beckett with a glass of wine, ink, 1969. Samuel Beckett with cigar, etching 1970.. Study of David Sylvester, 1971. Noga asleep, silver-point, 1971. Interior with Persian helmet, mirror and books, ink, 1972. Chamber orchestra, ink c.1972. Hollywood hills, ink, 1972. Piano and strings, ink, c.1972. Bedspread on a chair, at night, ink, 1973. Pears, ink, 1973. Spinet player, crayon Conte, c. 1974. Barenboim conducting,, graphite, c. 1975. Alfred Brendel, graphite, 1975. Sleeping dog, graphite, 1977. Carnations, graphite, 1977. An apple tree, graphite, 1977. The courtyard at Bachivillers, ink, 1979. Anne, back from the eye clinic, ink, 1979. Central Park, ink, 1979. Sandra Fisher, graphite, 1979. Villa Medici Garden, graphite, 1981. Recumbent young woman nude, silver-point, 1981. Anne in profile, graphite, 1982. R.B. Kitaj, graphite, 1983. An anonymous man eating, graphite, 1983. Eugene istomin at the piano, graphite, 1983. N.Y Subway, An Elderly couple, silver-point,1984. N.Y Subway, Woman with Scarf, graphite, 1984. Ian Dunlop, graphite, 1984. Gideon Kremer and Kim Kashkashian, graphite, 1984. Francis Haskell lecturing at the Collége de France, graphite, 1985. Nude stretched out upside down, charcoal, 1985. A Saxophonist on 57th Street, graphite, 1985. Anne fastening a button, charcoal, 1985. Dan Hofstadter, charcoal, 1985. The Duke of Beaufort, charcoal, 1985. Rostropovitch at Salle Pleyel, graphite, 1985. An Armenian priest, graphite,1986. Prostrated nude woman, graphite,1986. An anonymous slumberer, graphite, 1987. Alba, graphite 1987. Faces on the London Underground, 1988. Prayer at the Sai ho-ji, graphite, 1988. Oriental travellers at Roissy, black crayon, 1989. Catherine Deneuve Seated, charcoal, 1990. Female nude, from the back, charcoal, 1990. Saxophonist on rue Mouffetard, graphite, 1990. The Flautist, charcoal, 1991. Nude woman asleep, charcoal, 1991. Seated Nude, charcoal, 1991. Double study of Noga, charcoal, 1991. Anne seated leaning on her elbows, 1991. A Pony at the Luxembourg, graphite, 1991. A beggar on Passeo del Prado, graphite, 1991. John Heath-Stubbs reciting, I, black crayon, 1992. John Heath-Stubbs reciting, II, black crayon, 1992. Anne in winter-coat, standing and reading, charcoal, 1992. The Old Pine, charcoal, 1992. Judith Herzberg, graphite, 1994. A disabled man in a wheelchair, graphite, 1994. Sunflowers, ink, 1997. Young woman undressing, graphite, 1999. Self-portrait, black and whitre crayons, 2001. Cello player, ink, 2001. Attendants at a funerary ceremony, grapite, 2003. Chess players, Luxembourg garden, sepia chalk 2003. PRINTS: Anne with hand on mouth, 1970. transfer-paper lithograph.Samuel Beckett with a glass of wine: 1970,etching and aquatint. Samuel Beckett in profile, 1970, etching.the poet T.Carmi, 1971,etching Mirror with self-portrait and press, 1971, etching. Pear and Apple, 1972, sugar-lift aquatint. Self-portrait seated in foreshortening, 1972, sugar-lift aquatint. The umbrella, 1973, sugar-lift aquatint. A pair of shoes, 1973, sugar-lift aquatint. The chignon, 1973, sugar-lift aquatint. David Sylvester seated, 1973, sugar-lift aquatint. The old armchair, 1973, sugar-lift aquatint. Anne in profile, 1973, sugar-lift aquatint. Self-portrait with open mouth, 1973, sugar-lift aquatint. A spoon, 1975, sugar-lift aquatint. The library, 1975, sugar-lift aquatint. Spectacles, 1975, sugar-lift- aquatint. Olive tree, the Israel Museum garden, 1975, transfer-paper lithograph. Pine, 1975, transfer-paper lithograph. Hand, 1976, etching. Cypresses and lavender, 1977, transfer-paper lithograph. Haim Blanc, 1984, transfer-paper. Aldo Crommelynck, 1984, sugar-lift aquatint. Roses, 1994, direct bite, unicum. Geranium and hibiscus, 2003, dry-point. Library corner, 2003, dry-point. Drawings on the wall, 2003, dry-point. Self-portrait under artificial light, 2003, dry-point
Los Angeles, Los Angeles County Museum of Art (Anne leaning over a table, 1977, oil. Noga, drawing, 1981. Numerous etchings and lithographs)
Marseille, Musée Cantini (Mirror in the studio, 1987, oil)
Nancy, Musée des Beaux-Arts, (Self-portrait, 1994, drawing)
New York, Metropolitan Museum (Pierre Rosenberg, 1981, drawing; Third Street at Mercer, 1995, drawing; David Sylvester, 1973 (aquatint); Mirror with Self-portrait and Press, 1971 (etching); Self-portrait with Open Mouth, 1973 (aquatint)
New York, The Jewish Museum (Self-portrait Nude torso, 1980, drawing)
New York, Exxon Corporation Collection (The Glass doors, 1985, oil)
Paris, Musée du Louvre, Cabinet des Dessins (Hubert Landais, 1986, drawing)
Paris, Cabinet des Estampes, Bibliothèque Nationale (a large number of original etchings and lithographs)
Paris, Musée National d'Art Moderne, Centre Pompidou (Anne from the back, 1973, oil; The loggia balcony, 1975, oil; Marie-Catherine, 1982, oil; Anne with a hand at her mouth, 1966, drawing; Samuel Beckett seated with cigar, 1970, drawing; Alexander Schneider , 1970, drawing; Leslie Parnass, 1970, drawing; Anne at desk, 1971, drawing; Jean-Bernard Pommier, 1974, drawing; Persimmons, nuts and nut-cracker, 1974, drawing; Self-portrait nude, 1976, drawing; Alba at age eleven, 1977, drawing; 78 etchings, aquatints and lithographs)
Princeton, The Art Museum - Princeton University (The Metro Ticket, 1986, pastel)
Roanne, Musée Déchelette (Epiforme, 1966, oil)
San Francisco, The Fine Arts Museum - The Achenbach Foundation (Etching tools, 1986, pastel)
Tel Aviv, The Tel Aviv Museum of Art (Anne with red hat, 1991, oil; Two baguettes, 1990, pastel; two abstract paintings, and a few drawings and prints)
Washington, Hirshhorn Museum (The Square in June, 1983, oil)

Public Portraits - Commissions
1982, Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh: H. M. Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother ,1983
1988, Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh: Alec Douglas-Home, Lord Home of the Hirsel, 1988
1990, Ministère de la Culture, Paris: Catherine Deneuve, 1990
1992, Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh: Moira Shearer and Ludovic Kennedy, 1993
1997, Galleria Degli Uffizi, Florence: Self-portrait, 1997
1997, Det Nationalhistoriske museum på Frederiksborg slot, Hiller d, Denmark, Herbert Pundik, 1997
2000, Palais des Beaux-Arts and Mairie de Lille, Pierre Mauroy, 2000
2002 Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh: Sir John Shaw and Sir Robert Reid, 2002


2005: Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur

Books - Monographs About Arikha
ARIKHA - texts by Samuel Beckett, Richard Channin, Andre Fermigier, Robert Hughes, Jane Livingston, Barbara Rose. Interviews by Barbara Rose, Joseph Shannon and Maurice Tuchman. 224 pp. 106 83 b.& w., Hermann, Paris / Thames and Hudson, London, 1985.
ARIKHA - by Duncan Thomson, 256 pp. 216 pl, most in color, Phaidon, London, 1994., paperback, 1996, 2000
AVIGDOR ARIKHA SELECTED PAINTINGS 1953-1997, introduction by Jean-Pierre Cuzin, with a text by Marc Jordan, chronology by Duncan Thomson, and a dialogue with Yona Fischer, 166 pp. 102 pl., Hebrew - English, retrospective catalogue, Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 1998
AVIGDOR ARIKHA DRAWINGS, contains a dialogue with Mordechai Omer, 172 pp. 116 pl., Hebrew - English, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, retrospective catalog, Tel Aviv, 1998
AVIGDOR ARIKHA, PARIS SUR LE VIF, drawings (1966-1996), contains a dialogue with Arnauld Brejon de Lavergnee, exhibition catalogue published by La Réunion des Musées nationaux, Paris, 1999, 96 pp. 107 pl.
AVIGDOR ARIKHA, testi di Monica Ferrando e Arturo Schwartz, 'Ritratti d'Artista', Moretti & Vitali, Bergamo, 2001, 80 pp. 26 col.ill.
AVIGDOR ARIKHA, dry-point engravings, Marlborough Fine Art publication 2004.
A full biography is available on request


Writings by Arikha

Peinture et Regard
, Écrits sur l'art 1965-1990, Hermann, Éditeurs des Sciences et des Arts, Collection Savoir sur l'art, Paris 1991, 256 pp. Second corrected and enlarged edition, (écrits sur l'art 1965-1993), Paris, 1994, 268 pp.

On Depiction , selected writings on art 1965-94 , Bellew Publishing, London, 1995, 240pp.


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